For the Day Trip to Floreana you will need to be on the main dock by 7:30AM leaves at 8;00AM from Puerto Ayora and includes lunch.    You will be visiting  “La Loberia” (Sea Lion Colony), which has a 900 meter long trail of sand and rocks.  There are Sea Lions, Marine Iguanas and Sea Turtles.  You can snorkel off the Loberia or Black Beach.  There is a visit to Asilo de la Paz, which is up in the highlands about 450 meters above sea level.  There is the Pirates’Cave and a fresh water spring, as well as a Scalecia forest which is a nesting area for the endemic Galapagos Petrel and is also a good place to see the Medium Billed Tree Finch, which is endemic to Floreana. Near Asilo de la Paz the National Park has built a corral where you can see Galapagos Tortoises from several Islands.


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