June 16, 2016 true north

True North Travel and Tours (TNT) continues to aim high

It has been said that the first two to three years is the most critical period that a business must overcome because it could either break or make the business. Managing a business is like running up against a hill, around the curve and down the stream in all types of terrain and weather. It is physically punishing and mentally debilitating. Luckily for Mr. Apollo Bala, the excruciating two years of learning the innards of travel operation and waiting for brand recognition are finally over as the wind has changed and the tide has turned for his travel agency – True North Travel and Tours.

Mr. Bala is a retired US Navy who did everything to start and grow his travel and tours business based in the Philippines. With Mr. Bala’s hard work, persistence, and determination, his travel and tours company became one of the leading agencies in Philippine soil which promotes travel packages at affordable prices. Fellow retired US Army and Founder/Director of Virtual Retiree Activity Office (VRAO) Cliff Lopez reached out to Mr. Bala to help in promoting his business to its audience and follower potentially increasing his market share.

The company has been recognized as “THE BEST TRAVEL AND TOUR AGENCY” in Caloocan City by The Best Choice Award early this year on January 29, 2016. The said recognition was awarded to them because of their set of core values and concepts that drive management excellence including visionary leadership and management quality, innovative practices, market presence and product/service quality.

The Best Choice Award seeks to promote an understanding of the requisites for business and organizational excellence, enhancement of business performance, practices and capabilities, and sharing of best choice for management practices among companies. It views management excellence as unmistakable demonstration of superior customer service and product/service quality.

The following month, February 24, 2016, they were also chosen as the recipient of the Philippine Awards for Customer Service Excellence 2016 because of the excellent customer service they offer, which leads to customer and consumer satisfaction and helps sustain high standards of service quality in the business and marketing industry. The Philippine Awards for Customer Service Excellence is an annual systematic and ongoing individual and company recognition program intended to give recognition and empower businesses to conduct extraordinary customer service.

Recently, True North Travel and Tours has been recognized again as the Best Travel Products and Services Provider on May 6, 2016. The citation was made as the agency meets the standards of marketing excellence that warrant commendation of consumers and the buying public. As a recipient of this recognition, the travel agency has conferred the “SEAL OF EXCELLENCE” based on consumer survey and market research, a joint project of the PCEM INC’s Market and Data Research Group, the Global Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence Council and the Marketing Awareness magazine.

To upend the challenging times up to the point of giving up was no easy feat, but as Mr. Bala began to see the progression of his  efforts coming to light, he  can’t help but relish the nirvana of accomplishment that he  achieved thus far. It could be a long and winding road to the top with bumps along the way, but there is no turning back. The agency along with Mr. Bala’s vision and leadership, True North will continue to stay on the course of progress, and VRAO will be there to continue promoting True North. Why remain a runt if you can be a giant in the big world of travel?

With all of these recognitions from different and respected award-giving bodies in the Philippines,  Mr. Bala  wants to ensure that the same excellence in service and products will continue and provide a great deal of customer satisfaction.


Apollo Bala retired US Air Force and owner of True North Travel and Tours
Apollo Bala, retired US Navy and owner of TNT



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